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Aqua Café R

Aqua Café R

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Now available for the first time in the UK: the Aqua Café R is one of the newest and most innovative coffee machines that comes in two different versions depending on your requirements. You can choose to have your water bottled, or an integrated filter depending on your preferences. This Vending Machine contains a space saving water cooler and a built in single serve coffee brewer, perfect for saving both storage space and time.



The Aqua Café R has a large amount of benefits that will enhance your hot drink experience and provide you with a quick, easy access to warm drinks, without taking up too much room, causing mess or general inconveniences. It comes with a touch pad that makes selecting your preferred beverage simple and effective.

This machine comes with a variety of unique benefits:

• Single serve coffee, tea, hot and chilled water: A variety of drinks to suit people with different tastes
• Hotter water to cook noodles and soups: This will ensure all your hot drinks and soups are warm and never delivered at a lukewarm temperature.
• Multiple cup sizes to brew. These include 6oz, 8oz, 10oz, 12oz and 14oz. By providing such a wide selection in sizes, the machine can cater to a variety of preferences and guarantee there is a right size for every person.
• Sealed controls to keep out liquid and dirt: Excellent for protecting the machine and keeping it in good condition, as well as reducing the risk of any problems.
• Safety lock function to eliminate accidental hot water dispensing: This eliminates any risk of hot water spillage, making the machine incredibly safe to use.
• Removable drip tray for easy cleaning: Allows maintenance and cleaning to occur much more easily without any problems.
• Serves Starbucks Coffee and Twinnings Tea: Two big brands that prove popular with many people.

Save Space and Time in The Office

The Aqua Café R’s main strengths lies in its ability to deliver drinks at a fast pace while being able to perform a rapid amount of tasks without taking much space, essentially eliminating the need for a coffee work station.

The machine provides:
• Instant hot water for barista quality coffee, cooking instant noodles and soups.
• Frees up counter space: No brewer or coffee pot on the counter or filtration system under the sink.
• Barista quality coffee without having to go out to purchase it, or long waits in coffee shops

Stylish Design and Convenient System

The Aqua Café comes with a stylish design that sets it apart from other machines, giving it a professional and modern look that will fit in with most offices. It uses a convenient system that allows companies to save time, labour and energy.

It incorporates:
• Bottled water models load from the bottom to the reduce lifting of heavy bottles: They slide into place
• Filtration models accommodate single or dual ICON eco3 filters, or an RO system.