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Flavia 400

Flavia Drinks Solutions -Designed for the office.

You’ll love the efficiency and reliability of your FLAVIA® drinks machine. It starts work early and stays late, individually brewing a variety of great drinks. It is energy efficient and has a serious track record of hassle-free operation.

Our brewers are attractively designed, clean, easy-to-maintain workhorses that perform at a high level so they can help your staff do the same. With one of these brewers in your workplace, you’re never more than 40 seconds away from a delicious moment that may make your whole day better.

High quality:
– Filter coffee
– Real leaf black and green teas
– Herbal teas
– Hot chocolate
– Specialities – lattes, cappuccinos and mochas

DimensionsHeight 43.2cm X Widht 25.2cm X 51.7cm
Power Supply230V, 50Hz