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Merchant Media 4

Merchant Media 4- Transforming the Way Consumers Experience Vending!

Merchant Media 4 was designed with the consumer in mind, enhancing their shopping experience by offering the largest product variety in the industry and a new intuitive interface. Featuring a new 3.5 colour LCD display screen and fully integrated capacitive-sensing numeric keypad, this engaging platform provides a unique shopping experience that meets the expectations of today’s consumers.

It is Crane’s most energy-efficient model, made from highly recyclable materials with an option to make it carbon neutral for 5 years of life. Its stunning, modern design is sure to enhance any location and complements the look of other Crane models in the range.

DimensionsHeight 183cm x Width 89.5cm x Depth 81cm
SelectionsUp to 4 drinks, 24 snacks
Power Supply220 / 240V AC - 50 HZ
  • Win New Business with latest Modern Design.
  • Drive Sales and Enhance the Shopping Experience.
  • Reduce Costs with a Sustainable Solution.