Crane Merchant Media 6 Vending Machine | GMG Vending

Crane Merchant Media 6

Engineered for maximum return

Crane Merchant Media 6 was designed with the consumer in mind, enhancing their shopping experience by offering the largest product variety in the industry and a new intuitive interface. The keypad is designed to make the whole buying process as easy as possible. Featuring a new 3.5 colour LCD display screen and fully integrated capacitive-sensing touchscreen, this engaging platform provides a unique shopping experience that meets the expectations of today’s consumers. It also offers various types of up-selling call to actions to increase spend.

DimensionsHeight: 183cm X Depth: 81 cm X Width: 118cm
Weight293 kg
CapacitySnack 102, Confectionery 348, Bottles 50, Cans 50. Total Capacity: 550
  • New Stylish Design: attracts consumers and inspires confidence
  • New User Interface Area: Styled in a high gloss, durable finish.
  • Reduce Costs with a Sustainable Solution
  • Drive Sales and Enhance the Shopping Experience.