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Healthy Vending Machines for Schools

Healthy Vending Machines for Schools

All of our healthy snacks and cold drinks fulfil the guidelines of the Department of Health, Children’s Food Trust and Food Standards Agency.


There are a lot of benefits from having a vending machine in school. These involve:


  • Refreshments are available throughout the course of the day.
  • Having a vending machine will reduce queues at break times. This will allow pupils to participate in other activities during short breaks.
  • Easy snacks and drinks to grab and go for busy pupils and staff.
  • A vending machine is ideal for staff rooms, canteens and near the physical education department.
  • The vending machines offer a healthy balance and variety of refreshments.
  • Vending machines encourage pupils to stay on site during the day.
  • Cashless systems, litter disposal and security options are all available, in order to make vending as convenient as possible.
  • School funding can be provided through vending royalties.
  • Refreshments are available throughout the course of the day with the option to have machines auto-deactivate during teaching times. All machines are stocked when students are off site at times agreed by the customer.

Vending Machines Generate Extra Income

In schools, educational locations and sixth form areas, you will earn commission from each vending machine. The royalties are linked to the revenue of the machine. Please contact us for further details on how this system operates.