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How to Eat Healthy at Work

How to Eat Healthy at Work

Many working people fail to maintain a healthy diet and a healthy lifestyle, because they simply ignore the importance of eating healthy at work. Having said that eating healthy at work is not easy due to many reasons like unusual working hours, peer pressure or lack of healthier options within reach. Despite of several reasons, where there is a will there is a way. GMG Vending, Wembley has developed the following simple tips which can help you to eat healthier at work without much effort.

  • Always eat breakfast

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Nutritional breakfast provides your body with the energy required to function efficiently. “Breakfast provides the body and brain with fuel after an overnight fast” ( There are several other negative impacts of skipping breakfast. Some research suggests that skipping breakfast can make people to eat more during lunch time hence adding up the calorie intake.

  • Drink minimum 2 litres (men) and 1.6 litres (women)

Water is an easy option to quench your thirst and without calorie or sugar. Water may sometimes help you to kill your hunger too. Ignore all the sugary and fizzy drinks. “More than two thirds of the human body consist of water. We require water for almost every function within our bodies, from flushing out toxins to digestion. In 2010, a report from The European Food Safety Authority suggested that the minimum levels of water consumption should be 2 litres for men and 1.6 litres for women, or between eight and ten glasses.” (

  • Go for high fibre and salad lunch

Now even high street stores, restaurants and healthy vending machines offer salad and high fibre food options, hence there shouldn’t be any excuse that you can get healthy lunch and yes, it doesn’t have to be expensive.

  • Opt for Healthier Vending Machines

There has been a paradigm shift in vending industry. Vending machines are not only about chocolate bars and sugary drinks. There are several vending companies in the UK offering customised healthier vending machines for work place. These vending machines offer new, innovative and healthier snacks and drinks without compromising consumer’s taste. All the vending products are clearly labelled with ingredients, nutritional value and calorie intake. Healthy vending products may include stock are cereal bars, smoothies, dried fruits and nuts, energy bars & fresh fruit juice.


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